🧑‍🦯 Person With White Cane

This is a man with a blind stick. Blind people need to use the blind stick and identify the way ahead. 🧑‍🦯 generally means blind, but it can also mean blindness and visual impairment. Sometimes it can also refer to something or someone being oblivious, ignorant, and metaphorically blind🙄. Related emojis: 👨‍🦯👩‍🦯.

🧑‍🦯 Person With White Cane Basic Information

person with white cane
Unicode Version:
Emoji Version:
12.1 (2019-10-21) New
👌 People & Body
ALT+129489 ALT+8205 ALT+129455
Sub Categories:
🏃 person-activity
Known as:
U+1F9D1 200D 1F9AF 1F9D1 - 🧑 person 200D - ‍ zero width joiner 1F9AF - 🦯 white cane

🧑‍🦯 Person With White Cane Examples and Usage

  • 🧑person 🦯white cane 🧏deaf person 🙋person raising hand 👫woman and man holding hands 🕶sunglasses 🦮guide dog ♿wheelchair symbol 🧑‍🦼person in motorized wheelchair 🧑‍🦽person in manual wheelchair 🕳hole
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