🫳🏾 Palm Down Hand: Medium-dark Skin Tone

A palm down left hand. It is a new emoji that belongs to Emoji 14.0, which was released in September 2021. 🫳🏾 can mean hand, or some hand movement such as drop, go away, put down, come and beckoning. It can also be used together with Palm Up Hand emoji🫴 to indicate clapping👏. Related emojis: 🤙🤝🙌👐

🫳🏾 Palm Down Hand: Medium-dark Skin Tone Basic Information

palm down hand: medium-dark skin tone
Unicode Version:
Emoji Version:
14.0 (2021-09-14) New
👌 People & Body
ALT+129779 ALT+127998
Sub Categories:
🖐 hand-fingers-open
U+1FAF3 1F3FE 1FAF3 - 🫳 palm down hand 1F3FE - 🏾 medium-dark skin tone

🫳🏾 Palm Down Hand: Medium-dark Skin Tone Examples and Usage

  • 🫴palm up hand 👏clapping hands 🤝handshake 🤚raised back of hand 👎thumbs down 👇backhand index pointing down ⛹person bouncing ball 🏀basketball 🏐volleyball ⬇down arrow 🔻red triangle pointed down
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