😵‍💫 Face With Spiral Eyes

The mouth is wide open, the eyes are spiral, a very confused and uncomfortable expression. It is a combination emoji combined with 😵 and 💫, and it cannot be displayed as a single emoji on some platforms. 😵‍💫 means puzzled or unhappiness, and can also be used to express illness, dizziness, poisoning, etc. It is similar to this emoji😵, but 😵‍💫 has a bigger mouth and express stronger feelings than😵. This emoji is one of the new emojis in ios 14.5 and was added to Emoji 13.1 in 2020. Related emojis: 🥴😖🤮

😵‍💫 Face With Spiral Eyes Basic Information

face with spiral eyes
Unicode Version:
Emoji Version:
13.1 (2020-09-15) New
😂 Smileys & Emotion
ALT+128565 ALT+8205 ALT+128171
Sub Categories:
🤧 face-unwell
U+1F635 200D 1F4AB 1F635 - 😵 face with crossed-out eyes 200D - ‍ zero width joiner 1F4AB - 💫 dizzy

😵‍💫 Face With Spiral Eyes Examples and Usage

  • 😵face with crossed-out eyes 💫dizzy 🥴woozy face 🤕face with head-bandage ⭐star 🍥fish cake with swirl 🌪tornado 🏥hospital 💊pill
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