🥹 Face Holding Back Tears

A smiling face with eyes like little bambi🦌, looks like it is holding back its tears. This is a new emoji belongs to Emoji 14.0 which released in September 2021. 🥹 can express tears💧, proud, sad, resist, angry, admire or hold back depends on the context. It is similar to this emoji 🥺, but has different meanings. Related emoji: 😢😂🤩😍

🥹 Face Holding Back Tears Basic Information

face holding back tears
Unicode Version:
14.0 (2021-09-14) New
Emoji Version:
14.0 (2021-09-14) New
😂 Smileys & Emotion
Sub Categories:
😞 face-concerned

🥹 Face Holding Back Tears Examples and Usage

  • 🥺pleading face 😂face with tears of joy 🤣rolling on the floor laughing 😭loudly crying face 😢crying face 😥sad but relieved face 😔pensive face 😞disappointed face 💧droplet 💦sweat droplets 🙍person frowning
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