❕ White Exclamation Mark

This is a white exclamation mark. It expresses excitement and surprise with weak emotions. In daily life, it is often used to indicate reminders and warnings. The white exclamation mark on the webpage means that the network connection has failed. The white exclamation mark on the dashboard of the car means that the door is not closed or the handbrake has not been put on. Related emojis: πŸ“Ά network, πŸš— car, ⚠️ warning, ❔ white question mark, 🀍 White heart.

❕ White Exclamation Mark Basic Information

white exclamation mark
Apple Name:
White Exclamation Mark
Unicode Version:
6.0 (2010-10-11)
Emoji Version:
1.0 (2015-06-09)
πŸ›‘ Symbols
Sub Categories:
β€Ό punctuation

❕ White Exclamation Mark Examples and Usage

  • I thought it was Thursday today when I looked at my mobile phone on the way to work πŸ“± and found that today was actually Friday. So happy❕
  • Magic. It's so magic when I see it at the first look❕
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