Spade Suit

It's a spade. The color of this emoji varies from platform to platform. Spades are one of the four suits of pokers, representing spears, symbolizing soldiers and men 🚹. This emoji can also represent winter ❄️ and death. In recent years, nightclub enthusiasts also often used "A" to refer to the spades A🍾. Related emojis:♣️, ♥️, ♦️, 🃏, 🖤 and 🍺 and 💃.

Spade Suit Basic Information

spade suit
Unicode Version:
1.1 (1993-06)
Emoji Version:
⚽ Activities
Sub Categories:
🎯 game
Known as:

Spade Suit Examples and Usage

  • Watching 🧙‍♂️ Liu Qian’s show, he often asks: "What is your favorite playing card suit?" And I would like to say, "♠! I like Spade!!"
  • In "The Da Vinci Code" wrote:"♠ comes from the sword and blade, which represents the male 🚹."
  • The nightclub boss usually says, "♠A🍾tonight! Enough! High together!"
  • Popular science: ♠ in traditional poker cards is Pallas Athena,the goddess in Greek mythology that controls the war of wisdom and justice.
  • Hey, who's up for a game of spades♠? ♠ (2660) + emoji style (FE0F) = ♠️ (2660 FE0F)
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