🤜 Right-facing Fist

A fist towards the right. It is usually used to express greetings between good friends, and it is also a way of expressing consent. It often forms a "fist" action with 🤛, which represents a stronger approval. Since your message will be sent to the other party's phone during chatting and be ⬅️ shown on the left side of the screen, so sending 🤜 to the other party can indicate whether you want to be together. Similar emojis: 👊.

🤜 Right-facing Fist Basic Information

right-facing fist
Apple Name:
Right-Facing Fist
Unicode Version:
9.0 (2016-06-03)
Emoji Version:
3.0 (2016-06-03)
👌 People & Body
Sub Categories:
👍 hand-fingers-closed
Known as:
Right Fist Bump

🤜 Right-facing Fist Examples and Usage

  • When you and your teammates are angry for the next game, you can say this,"Come on, bro! We can achieve anything 🤜 🤛!"
  • I want to set up a band and we need a guitarist 🎸. Do you wanna join us 🤜?
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