This is a circular orange radiation warning sign in which three white sectors are evenly distributed. On some platforms, it has a yellow background and a black fan shape. Warnings for areas emitting ionizing radiation are used to remind people to pay attention ⚠️ or stay away. Usually used in biochemical 🧬, nuclear power, or medical fields 💉, which is similar to ☣️ biological hazards. Refers to a dangerous or negatively affected object, or someone is a "dangerous person". Because of the similar patterns on social networking sites,it also use to describe pizza🍕and fan .

Radioactive Basic Information

Unicode Version:
1.1 (1993-06)
Emoji Version:
🛑 Symbols
Sub Categories:
⚠️ warning
Known as:
International Radiation Symbol | Nuclear

Radioactive Examples and Usage

  • Pregnant women 🤰 are not allowed to take x-rays, it will affect the baby 👶!
  • Is summer coming? It's too hot, go find the fan ☢.
  • Even bananas contain trace amounts of a radioactive☢ potassium isotope. ☢ (2622) + emoji style (FE0F) = ☢️ (2622 FE0F)
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