🥸 Disguised Face

This is a yellow face with big black glasses. The nose is slightly enlarged and the eyebrows and mustaches are very thick, looks like the make up in old comedy films🎦. 🥸 is a disguised or dressed up face, it is generally used to mean disguise, hidden, and funny. This expression resembles the classic appearance of American actor Groucho Marks. Related emojis: 🎭👓.

🥸 Disguised Face Basic Information

disguised face
Unicode Version:
13.0 (2020-03-10) New
Emoji Version:
13.0 (2020-03-10) New
😂 Smileys & Emotion
Sub Categories:
🤠 face-hat

🥸 Disguised Face Examples and Usage

  • She disguised herself as a man, but she couldn't disguise her voice.🥸
  • He disguised himself with a wig and false beard.🥸
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