🪣 Bucket

This is a blue bucket with a white handle that can hold liquids or other objects. The color of the bucket may be green in some platform. 🪣 generally means buckets, and can also mean cleaning🧹, decorating, or painting🎨. 🪣 is often used in topics such as basketball (making baskets🤾) or bucket bag👜.

🪣 Bucket Basic Information

Unicode Version:
13.0 (2020-03-10) New
Emoji Version:
13.0 (2020-03-10) New
⌚ Objects
Sub Categories:
🚽 household

🪣 Bucket Examples and Usage

  • The study needs to be painted. Let's go to IKEA this weekend to buy two buckets🪣of paint.
  • The bucket🪣 was full of soapy water.
  • It is so cool that he slides in for a 🪣!!
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